Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recycle with Freecycle

I love this idea I just found out from one of the writers at eHow...it is called Freecycle. I was reading through an article entitled "How to Save Money on Your Home Improvement Projects". The article became a front-page feature at http://www.ehow.com/ and, in that article it gives information on where to buy or how to buy materials for home improvements on the cheap. I found the freecycle information not on the body of the article itself, but I give credit to the article writer anyway for writing the article that prompted comments from eHow members. One of the members mentioned about http://www.freecycle.org/. Her last home improvement project yielded boxes of unopened tiles for free which she used.

So, here I am writing about it, and why...you may ask? My curiosity acted up again of course! I am always on a look out for great deals and anything to help improve our environment. I went to the freecycle website and typed in my City and State. After doing so, it gave me a list of nearby cities with existing participants instead of me trying to open up one. I clicked on the link and joined their yahoo group. After I got my approval to join the yahoo group, which took less than 3 minutes, I went to look at their recent postings. Wow! There are a lot of items being offered for FREE!!! I scrolled down and was delighted to find someone offering free wood chips or barks that can be used for mulch! Since moving to our brand new home we have a bare backyard. We had to pay our gardener to remove the overgrown weeds and clear the area of debris. Now it is just plain dirt.

Freecycle can give homeowners like me an option to get items to be used for home improvement for free. This saves money and saves our landfills which is good for the environment.

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